The Price of Design

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In the search for the desired design service, there are a lot of things that are always overlooked by the client and when results do not pane out their way, this immediately marks off the service as terrible. The popular adage “the customer is always right” is often misunderstood and thus, over exemplified. Well, you have to certify that the client is right, by helping the client make informed decisions.

In order for a designer to help a client know what he/she is about to get himself/herself into, certain factors have to be elaborated properly so that the client knows his/her budget and have proper expectations.  These factors are as below:

The Design Triangle

When clients look at something or desire a service to be done for them, they will often look carefully at the price. There are other factors also against which they balance this, factors such as time and quality. And these factors can be articulated as an equation where the results are affected by each factor.

Fast + Cheap = Low quality

This is a situation where a client requests for a design service, of which he/she wants it to be done in a very short time and also has a budget that is not worth the demand. Like they always say “I needed this like yesterday”. It is very understandable to note that things come up, but “time is money” and if one fails to plan things properly and expects to put someone else under pressure to get it done within in the normal service charge. Then the results are in no way expected to be of quality.

Design pricing, Graphic design deals, client relations, cheap design, quality design, fast design

Cheap + High quality = slow

In this situation we can exemplify a client whose budget is quite below the projects are offering, it is natural to under-prioritize the lower paying job, which will have to be done after every other thing, this is to also enable the designer to also provide artworks of a high standard.


Expensive + Fast = High quality

As illustrated in the first result of factors, if a client needs to have quality work done and in a short period of time, then he or she has to pay for the time requested, considering that his/her request will be on the top of priories above every other thing.


You must stick to your conviction, but be ready to abandon your assumptions”. – Denis Waitley. It is very evident that every client shows up with an assumption of what they want and how it can be done for them. As the designer, even as unpleasing as it might seem, this is meant to help the client have a more rational look at things. The last thing you want to do is to kick-start a project based on those assumptions.

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